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beginning therapy consultationThis post is the third in the series of five posts discussing what to expect when “Beginning Therapy”.

As I had wrote about in a previous post, Initial Contact, individual therapists operate differently in regards to consultations.  Some therapists may offer a reduced fee for a shorter length of time to meet in person, while others may offer a phone consultation before arranging to meet for the first time.  There are also others who may not offer consultations at all.  I would suggest checking with the individual therapist if consultation policies are not clear based on the information you may have.

This post herein, will speak specifically to what you can expect from a consultation session, should you decide to meet with me.

Because I believe that a good fit is a crucial element of therapy, I offer a complimentary 50-minute consultation so that you have the first-hand opportunity to experience what it is like to work with me.

If you have decided to arrange for a consultation meeting, please see my previous post on Initial Contact.

Once a consultation day and time is agreed upon, I will provide information regarding my office location.  If it happens that you decide to reschedule or cancel the meeting beforehand, I require at least 24 hours notice.

At the scheduled time of meeting, I will be there to greet you in the waiting area.  At this time, there will be a two-page form to fill out.  This form will ask for your contact information, brief summaries about your reasons and goals for seeking therapy.

So that you are informed, the form will also contain information about confidentiality and cancellation policies.  In addition to the form, I also provide an Office Policies information sheet for your review and records.

Once the form is completed, I will escort you into the office, at which time we will talk about you and your reasons for seeking therapy, and any questions you may have for me.

At the conclusion of the consultation, we will discuss whether you would like to proceed with meeting for regular sessions with me or take some time to decide on how you would like to move forward.

If you decide to proceed with setting up sessions, we will discuss scheduling and confirm the next session.  Or if you decide to take the time to think about your options, you are welcome to contact me if or when you have made your decision.

If the decision is to start, it is my recommendation that we meet five weeks consecutively.  After which, ongoing work can be in the form of weekly or every-other-week meetings based on your needs.

The next post in the Beginning Therapy series will be Deciding to Continue which will discuss some thoughts and points for you to consider.

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