Beginning Therapy: Initial Contact

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beginning therapy initial contact toronto therapistThis post is the second of five in a series of posts discussing what to expect when “Beginning Therapy”.

In the first post in this series, I talked about looking for a therapist.

Because individual therapists will have differing approaches, these posts will provide information based primarily on what this process would be like to begin therapy with me.

After gathering information and you are ready to make contact, choose your most preferred method of communication.  Generally, therapists will provide an email address and phone number as a means of getting in touch.

At this point, you may have additional questions about therapy or specific questions for the therapist.  Or perhaps you are ready to proceed with booking an initial session.

Some, although not all, therapists provide a consultation at a reduced or no fee.  Depending on the therapist, this consultation may be a full or shorter session and conducted on the phone, online or in person.

If you would like to make initial contact with me, I provide a number of ways to get in touch.  The Contact page outlines each of the ways available, and because I am engaged in sessions at various times during the day, the most expedient method of contact would be through email or the contact form.

At this time, you can choose to share as little or as much about yourself as you wish.  Once your request is received, I will get back to you by the end of the next business day.  If you decide to include an idea of your availability during first contact with me, I will do my best to accommodate you and it will allow me to respond with a suggestion for a possible day and time to meet for a consultation.

There may be times when I am unable to offer a time to meet right away.  If that is the case, I will notify you as to how long it may be before an opening becomes available.  Usually, I am able to offer a consultation session within two weeks of first contact.

If you decide to contact me using the Contact Form or email, I will require your contact number to confirm a consultation appointment.  When a consultation is set, I will also be sending you information regarding my office location via email.

This may be a big step for you because it might signify the first time you are reaching outside of yourself to explore what is on your mind.  As you might be considering or have decided on trying therapy, it is my belief that it takes courage to do something outside of what you know and it is my hope that this series of posts might help to make this process a little easier by filling in some blanks for what to expect.

The Beginning Therapy series of posts covers:
Find a Therapist
Initial Contact (this post)
Deciding to Continue

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