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benefits of meditation toronto therapistThe idea of meditation can be intimidating for many people, especially when it seems as though the goal is to not think or to clear the mind.

When it feels as though there are constant thoughts running through our heads, the idea of not thinking can seem ridiculous, if not downright impossible.

As there can be with therapy, there are ideas and misconceptions about meditation.  That meditation is religious, spiritual or new-agey.  That it’s about being serene, peaceful and calm.  That there’s something about achieving some kind of special state like an ‘a-ha’ moment or epiphany.

All of the those things can happen at some moments in your meditation practice, but that’s not really the point.  In fact, meditation challenges some of our tedency to have an achievement oriented mentality.

As the old saying goes, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Your own personal practice doesn’t have to have to hold any other meaning, apart from what it means to you.

For me, I have gone through my own ups and downs with meditation.  Now and with daily work, it is a practice and tool that supports me to give myself permission to STOP for few minutes a day.  With so many things that seem to be on the go all the time, giving myself some time to sit and breathe for a short time does wonders to give me a sense of pausing.

And hitting pause sometimes can feel like a reset or an opportunity to have a different perspective within an otherwise whirlwind day, especially when everything and everybody else seems to be going at full speed.

Now, do I fully clear my mind of all thoughts?  No.  Do I always achieve a sense of complete calm?  No.  Do I feel Zen and centred after each meditation session?  No.

But there are also times when I do and what I regularly get out of my practice (and I’ve learned that it’s called a ‘practice’ for a reason) is a way of taking care of myself and slowing things down.

“It (meditation) helps me chill out and focus.” – Susan Sarandon

If you are thinking about starting a meditation practice, there are many apps available to help you get started or to help continuing or furthering your practice.

Two in particular I recommend are:
Headspace provides a helpful and guided 10-day 10-minutes meditation program for beginners.  (Note: There is a monthly subscription after the 10-day program.)

Simply Being by Meditation Oasis which has apps for the various smartphone devices.

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