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Start Journalling: The Five Minute Journal

Journalling can be helpful with managing anxiety and stress, cultivating mindfulness and more. One of the practices I recommend to help with managing stress and anxiety, and to also develop [...]

Neurofeedback Brain Training Toronto

Please note: The neurofeedback training system I utilize is called NeurOptimal® and is not a medical device.  Further, neurofeedback training with NeurOptimal® is not a form of psychotherapy [...]

Help With Anxiety: Apps and Resources

**Please note: The information provided in this post is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment. Please do not use this information [...]

Marketing for Therapists & Helping Professionals

I believe sincerely in the good work of psychotherapy.  I believe that the therapeutic process can be a journey toward personal growth and change. It is with great gratitude that I work with my [...]

Registered Psychotherapist

Information About the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario Have you seen this ad or a similar ad in your local paper or while on transit? The ad is part of a campaign sponsored by [...]

Why Communication Is Important

Why Communication is Important Or Baseball’s Focus on Human Development & What that Can Mean for the Rest of Us What is the connection between effective communication and baseball? Read on to [...]

Benefits of Meditation

The idea of meditation can be intimidating for many people, especially when it seems as though the goal is to not think or to clear the mind. When it feels as though there are constant thoughts [...]

Is There a Key to Creativity and Innovation?

I love studying entrepreneurs (with a focus on tech), and fascinated by the personalities that have built and continue to grow Silicon Valley.  It’s my belief that history will look back at this [...]

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