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Is There a Key to Creativity and Innovation?

I love studying entrepreneurs (with a focus on tech), and fascinated by the personalities that have built and continue to grow Silicon Valley.  It’s my belief that history will look back at this [...]

The Importance of Empathy

On CBS This Morning, the authors, David Kelley and Tom Kelley, of “Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All” talked about one of the keys to unleashing [...]

Why Exercise May Help in Stress Reduction

In addition to therapy as one of many potential tools to manage stress and anxiety, another suggestion often made is exercise.  While exercise has been reported as a beneficial method of [...]

“Job Stress May Lead to Depression”

I recently came across an article from the online version of The Peninsula.  While the article addresses the population in Qatar, I believe that sustained work stress is a universal issue for [...]

Modern Day Obstacles to Real Connections

I recently read an article on Huffington Post called “To Be Where I Am“.  The article’s author, Wendy Lustbader, discusses her choices for not owning a smartphone, and an [...]

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