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Vulnerability and Shame

Shame is complicated and pervasive.  Vulnerability can be risky and scary.  And as therapist and vulnerability researcher, Brené Brown, discusses in her books, lectures and the following talks [...]

What is the Quarter-Life Crisis?

Back in 2010, there was an Eye Weekly article about the Quarter-Life Crisis (also referred to as Quarterlife Crisis or Quarter Life Crisis) which began: You can’t make any decisions because [...]

Just Breathe… But Why?

When stress and tensions are high, many of us naturally turn toward finding a strategy to help manage these challenging emotional experiences.  I am often asked, “What helps?” While [...]

Why Do Therapy?

There are various reasons why people seek psychotherapy, but what’s likely for most people is that something isn’t working in their lives and desire for things to be different. However, while [...]

Gender Differences of Stress in the Workplace

Do men and women experience stress differently in the workplace?  According to survey results released by the American Psychological Association, they do. Results from a recent Work and [...]

Beginning Therapy: Consultation

This post is the third in the series of five posts discussing what to expect when “Beginning Therapy”. As I had wrote about in a previous post, Initial Contact, individual therapists operate [...]

Can Neuroscience Predict Political Ideology?

Only in its infancy, political neuroscience is a relatively new branch of neuroscience. Neuroscientists at the University of South Carolina recently conducted a study comparing the brain scans of [...]

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