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free mental health information ontario toronto therapistUpdated: 2020

Do you have questions about your or a loved one’s mental health?

Access to reliable support and resources regarding mental health in Toronto, particularly government funded services, can often be difficult to find.

While private practice therapists and counsellors, like myself, offer services for long term and ongoing emotional health work, finding information for more immediate questions or concerns of a more urgent nature can be challenging to locate.

If you are looking for provincial, publicly funded mental health resources, ConnexOntario may be a good resource for you.

According to ConnexOntario’s FAQs, the initiative is funded by the Government of Ontario and there are specialists who are there to listen and support, but do not provide direct counselling.

The service is provided free of charge and is confidential. The majority of the services that are suggested by ConnexOntario are apparently funded by the Ontario Government as well.

If you are looking for information or referrals for:
• Mental health services
• Crisis hotlines
• Support groups
• Family services
• Distress services
• General information

Services are available in English and French, but they can also access a third-party translator if required.

The ConnexOntario phone number is 1-866-531-2600.

Chat via their website is also available here.

Support information can also be accessed by email and their website also has a search function for mental health services in Ontario which are all listed on the ConnexOntario directory.

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