Guest Post: Psychotherapist Rob Peach Specializing in Sex Therapy

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The guest author today is Rob Peach, who is a Toronto psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy.  I have asked Rob to provide a post to discuss the benefits of engaging specifically in sex therapy.

Take it away, Rob!


Do you sometimes find it hard to control your sexual thoughts or urges?
Do you find it can be difficult to not act on sexual feelings?
Do you wonder if you might have an ‘addiction’ to sex or porn?

If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then treatment with a therapist specializing in sexual behavior issues might be right for you.

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to talk about concerns you may have about your sexual interests and activities with others.  But, finding a therapist sensitive to these issues and skilled in helping you to manage these interests can make it easier.

In my psychotherapy practice, I provide individual treatment for your concerns about hypersexuality (sex or porn addiction), problematic sexual fetishes and potentially damaging paraphilic sexual interests (sexual activities that could potentially cause harm to others).

The treatment I offer is confidential, non-judgemental and grounded in evidence based, clinically proven interventions.

The individualized treatment plans I develop are designed to assist you with developing the skills and strategies you need to manage your sexual urges and to support you in developing meaningful and healthy sexual relationships.

I’d like you to know that I often find that problems with sexual behavior issues don’t often exist alone.  We’re all complex people… and sometimes we have complex problems.

Many clients that I see who have concerns about their sexual behaviours also struggle with problems with substance use, depression and anxiety and with problems with gambling.  Others struggle with loneliness, low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Sometimes people use sex or porn is to cope with stress, problems with relationships or with financial concerns.  While sex can help you cope with these problems in the short term, it doesn’t help to deal with the real issues that are bothering you.

I have experience  in providing treatment for a range of mental health and addiction issues and I have specialized training in dealing with these ‘concurrent disorders’.

I also often see clients whose sexual behavior issues are causing strain on even the most stable of relationships.  Problems can cause people to feel confused, ashamed and even question their own sexual desirability.

Understanding why you or your partner ‘cheats’ with other partners or is always viewing pornography is not easy.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand their perspective and their difficulties, especially if you are feeling hurt and betrayed.

I frequently see couples that are struggling with one partner’s sexual activity outside of the relationship.  I also see couples that have different attitudes or values about sexuality or those who have different sexual interests and needs for intimacy.

With therapy, it is possible to resolve these differences. It is also possible to develop your comfort and confidence with talking to your partner about these very sensitive issues.

There is help available.  There is hope that things can change.


To find out more about Rob Peach and his psychotherapy practice, visit his website at Sex Therapy Toronto.

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