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affordable lower cost therapy optionsUpdated: June, 2019

If you are looking for lower cost and more affordable therapy options in downtown Toronto and the GTA, the following resources may be of help:

Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy – Referral Service

The referral service through the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy provides access to lower cost therapy with current students and graduates.

This service offers therapy for individuals over the age of 18 at $25 with training therapists (and as long as the therapist is in training) and $40 – $80 per session (negotiable with the individual therapist).  The first session is offered at $40.

Couples therapy is also offered by senior student therapists, as well as graduate therapists, at $40 for the first session and $40 – $80 (negotiable) for subsequent sessions.

An updated list of available therapists is available here.

The Gestalt Institute of Toronto – Student Clinic

The Gestalt Institute of Toronto has a clinic providing therapy with students-in-training.

The fee per session for training therapists with the Gestalt Clinic is $40.  The contact number for the clinic is 416-964-9464, extension 18.

The Living Institute – Student Clinic

The Living Institute’s student clinic offers therapy on a sliding scale basis.

According to their website, “Fees for psychotherapy and counselling are negotiated with your intern according to your ability to pay. Initial consultations with senior therapists and interns are free.”

For questions or to book an appointment, the contact number is 416-515-0404.

Full Circle – Art Therapy Centre

Full Circle is a registered charity with a mission to provide affordable mental health services through Art Therapy.

Art Therapy can help people dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, loss and grief, eating disorder, addiction and others. Art Therapy sessions can help by providing a safe space to integrate a creative process of art-making, which can open an access to yourself that words could not reach.  All sessions are provided by certified art therapists.

Individual art therapy session: First session is $60. Subsequent sessions on a sliding scale starting from $60.
Group art therapy sessions: Usually 6 to 8 weeks in length are $25 per session.
“Workout for the Brain!” workshops: $25 per session.

More information can be found at Full Circle or call 647-245-3344 to book a session.

Affordable Counselling

Experienced counsellors offer sponsored affordable individual and couples counselling for people with:

– Low income
– Single parent families
– ODSP, OW, AOP (disability and unemployed)
– Students, Youth and Young Adults
– Temporary Canadians (and Undocumented Canadians)
Fee is $60 for a maximum of 10 sessions.  The Affordable Counselling website and more information can be found here.
**Please note:
HPRAC (Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council) Distinction between Psychotherapy & Counselling
“The practice of psychotherapy is distinct from both counselling, where the focus is on the provision of information, advice-giving, encouragement and instruction, and spiritual counselling, which is counselling related to religion or faith-based beliefs.” HPRAC:  New Directions, 2006; Chapter 7, Regulation of Psychotherapy, p. 208.
The College (of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) is not regulating counsellors or counselling. However, psychotherapy and counselling can be highly interrelated.

Private Practice Psychotherapists – Sliding Scale Fee

Many therapists in private practice offer fees on a sliding scale.

Details would vary based on the individual therapist and can often either be found on the therapist’s website, membership/association listings, or by inquiring directly.

Ontario Mental Health Hotline

While the Information and Referral Specialists who answer inquiries at the Mental Health Hotline do not provide on-demand counselling, they can provide mostly government-funded support and resources.  Please refer to my post on the Mental Health Hotline for more details.

These are only a few of the lower cost and affordable therapy options available in Toronto.

If you know of others or have a suggestion to be added to this page, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

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