Vulnerability and Shame

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chooseauthenticitybadgeShame is complicated and pervasive.  Vulnerability can be risky and scary.  And as therapist and vulnerability researcher, Brené Brown, discusses in her books, lectures and the following talks she gave for TED, many of us avoid thinking about how these emotions and states affect us, much less share our experiences and feelings of shame and vulnerability with others.

Brown is open and honest about her research work and her own struggles.  The vulnerability and openness she shares in her TED talks is reflected in the millions of views her talks have received.  The sheer number of views also shows how the subject of shame and vulnerability has resonated with literally millions.

There is little surprise that shame is often referred to as the “master emotion”.  It is my belief that shame has a powerful impact for each one of us, and understanding how it affects us in its multi-layered complexity can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves and others in our lives.

But Brené Brown explains vulnerability and shame better than I ever can:

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening to Shame

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