Perhaps a good question to address is: What is Psychotherapy?

Wikipedia defines psychotherapy as…

“An intentional interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid in challenges of life.

It aims to increase the individual’s sense of their own well-being. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behaviour change and that are designed to improve emotional and mental well-being.”

Psychotherapy is not the same as psychiatry, which is a medical specialty focused on diagnosing and the treatment of mental disorders. While all psychotherapists are not psychiatrists, there are some psychiatrists who perform psychotherapy.

Therapy offers a safe place to explore and reconnect with yourself.  The collaborative work between the client and therapist encourages a more open and honest look at your life.

What patterns do you keep creating?  What inner qualities do you possess and what do you want to cultivate?

Asking these questions can provide personal awareness and lead to a deeper fulfillment in life.

Through therapy, I hope you gain insight into knowing yourself more fully.  I believe that you hold the key to personal growth and development deep within your being.  I am here to help facilitate your process of understanding and help you unlock the connection to your authentic self.

Creating change can be challenging and scary. But working together, we can explore places too difficult for you to experience alone.  Transformation can occur through an authentic relationship in therapy supported by empathy, warmth, and understanding.

Within this safe environment, awareness can assist you in recognizing patterns that are no longer helpful in your life. In a non-judgmental setting, you can choose to live a healthier life while opening up to inner authenticity.

More information regarding my fees can be found on the Fees & Policies page.  For individual therapy, please contact me to schedule a reduced fee first session to give you and I the opportunity to determine if I am the right therapist for you.  I also welcome any questions you may have.

My office is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, very close to Bay and Dundas.  I can be reached by using the contact form, telephone at 647-931-5520 and by email at mio[at]  I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your interest in working with me.

I am no longer accepting new clients.

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